Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Imperfect Union

(Some minor language in the video. His phrase about the "interesting thing about April 27th" could be that in 2010 on that date is when Malcolm X's killer was paroled. It is also the date when apartheid in South Africa officially ended with the election of Nelson Mandela in 1994.)
Immediately after Pres Obama releases his birth certificate, Trump then starts in on President Obama's university records, not satisfied even then; and how now Obama needs to release those records because clearly he's hiding something by not releasing his transcripts, essentially claiming Obama could have only gotten into an Ivy League school because of affirmative action...which doesn't explain how he graduated from said school magna cum laude. These people were not satisfied that Obama had already released his short form birth certificate in 2008. That the state of Hawaii when all of this nonsense began, was quite liberal with copying and distributing birth certificates of Obama's because they had so many requests for it. They finally got so overwhelmed that they had to change the law last year prohibiting duplicate or repetitive requests for birth certificates. A few years ago, The Onion (satire news site) had an article that would be funny if it weren't so on the mark it makes me want to cry a bit, about the "afterbirthers" movement who wanted Obama to produce his baby placenta, "To this day, the American people have not seen a cervical mucus plug, let alone one that has been signed and notarized by a state-certified Hawaiian health official. If the president was indeed born in the manner in which he claims, then where is his gestation sac?"
Whatever you think of Obama's politics or track record as a president is irrelevant, what happened yesterday was a tragedy and degrading to our entire country that we let it happen. It was racism pure and simple, and we are all diminished by it.

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