Friday, August 17, 2012

Disney's bad idea

I just learned that the original script for Mulan (called "China Doll" really), featured a very different film. It appears that it was first about Mulan being rescued by a BRITISH PRINCE from her sad oppressed life in China and being whisked away to happiness in the west. Ugh. Seriously Disney, what on earth would make you think this was okay? Let's not forget that in the Northern Wei dynasty (386-587 AD), there weren't exactly a plethora of British princes swanning about China (or you know, ever being a plethora of British princes in China). Or the racist implications of a Chinese woman, only Disney's second heroine of color, needing a white man to rescue her. Or that happiness has to lead to living in Europe. Let's not forgot that Mulan didn't appear to have a sad life. She took her aged father's place, she fought for 12 years and received high merit, refused further reward and retired home. What kind of rescuing exactly would she have needed? And while we're on the subject, although I do like Shen, Mulan didn't marry. At least not in the legend. In fact, she was so convincing, that not only did she maintain her disguise for 12 years as previously mentioned, but her commanding officer also offered Mulan his daughter's hand in marriage. She declined the honor. Luckily, the level head of children's author Robert San Souci was around to say, terrible idea Disney, how about reworking that.

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