Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Haven TV Series

I'm always behind on starting new TV series since I don't get any on my actual TV (that digital convertor box was absolutely useless), and so I don't watch shows until they're out on DVD. Because I have an aversion to watching movies/shows on the computer. So anyway, Haven is in it's third season I think, and I just watched the first. And if you haven't discovered it yet, it's a great show. Which is kind of surprising since it's (very loosely) based on a Stephen King story, and I'm not usually a King fan.
The premise is a FBI agent, Audrey Parker, goes to a small town in Maine (naturally with a King story), starts working with the local detective, Nathan Wuornos, and finds the town is full of strange happenings they call The Troubles. There's people who can affect the weather with their mood, people who shed their skin and take the form of another person, people who can draw something and whatever happens to the picture happens to the person/place in the picture, and so on. So the premise really isn't anything all that new--it covers similar ground as Twin Peaks, Eureka, and of course The X Files. Only in this one, it's Parker who's the believer, and Wuornos who is more of the skeptic, despite having lived in Haven his whole life. The draw of the show is more the personalities and the chemistry between Parker and Wuornos.
There's a long running plot throughout the season about a woman in a newspaper photo from an unsolved murder case several years ago that might or might not be related to Audrey (who grew up in foster homes and knows nothing about her family). Apparently this case is really the only part that the show took from Stephen King's story, and spoiler, but in the story the case never really gets resolved. Sometimes it does feel like the show is stretching this out a little too far just to keep it going--like Audrey is asking every in town about it all the time, and everyone knows this, and weeks after she starts asking, a character is like, "oh by the way, I was there and knew your mom" or something like that. And doesn't really have an explanation about why they've left her hanging for so long.
My one biggest complaint about the show if I had one, and I haven't figured out if this is a writing, directional or acting thing; but there's sometimes a lack of reaction on the part of the police sometimes to events in front of them. I know police academy probably doesn't really equip you to handle something like someone's face literally disappearing in front of you because the picture of them is being erased or taxidermied animals coming alive and eating people....but come on, you'd think they'd try to do something to help instead of just standing there saying oh boy.
4 stars out of 5

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